1 – Scotland has a policy of ‘right to roam’, so feel free to explore wherever and whenever your heart desires…legally.2 – There is such a thing as the Scottish pound, and although the English pound is used freely and easily throughout Scotland, you’re going to have troubles trying to use your Scottish pounds in England, so try to get rid of those beautifully colourful notes before you leave!

3 – Scotland is famous for its whisky but did you realise there’s over 100 distilleries scattered across the country? Plus there’s new ones popping up here, there, and everywhere all the time! (If you want to go check out some of them in style, Whisky Co’s got you covered!)4 – Take a drive further north than Edinburgh, towards Aviemore, and you’ll stumble across The House of Bruar, a department store basically in middle of nowhere (with a waterfall behind it!).

5 – In 2009, a beach located on the Isle of Berneray was used in an advertising campaign for Thailand! 6 – You know those tiny, windy, look-like-one-way roads you see? The speed limit is 60 miles per hour, yes that’s 100km per hour.7 – The Scottish cure for those hangovers after a whisky-bender is Irn-Bru. This fluorescent orange, sugar-filled liquid is the top selling soft drink in Scotland (yep, higher than Coca-Cola!).8 – Scotland has the highest percentage of redheads in the world.

9 – If you visit the beautiful island of Islay (and we recommend you do!), and venture down to the most south-westerly point of Portnahaven, you can actually see Northern Ireland! 10 – Scotland was the setting for a lot of the filming of the Harry Potter series, from Glencoe to Lochaber to the Elephant House cafe in Edinburgh where it all began, Scotland is a Potterheads delight!

11 – Yeah we’ve all heard of the Isle of Skye (and there’s good reason!) but Scotland actually has over 790 islands!12 – There’s sheep literally everywhere and they seem to love to perch on top of tiny hills, edges of cliffs, sides of roads, on the beach.13 – The roads are so narrow in Scotland that every few kilometres (or less) there’s a ‘passing place’, an area just large enough for one car to pull over, to allow the one coming the other way to continue!


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