We’ve just left the place we called home in Bangkok, a cosy two-storey apartment just a short walk from the city centre, not far from many-a-temple and a quick taxi ride to the popular Chatuchak markets, and we thought it was about time we shared our love for Airbnb. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, Airbnb is an online accommodation booking website where you rent a room or entire home from a local during your visit. Whether it’s a boathouse in Amsterdam, cabin in the mountains, castle in England, or an apartment in the city, it’s definitely a different experience than checking into a hotel. Here’s 5 reasons we love Airbnb and why it’s worth giving it a shot!

Airbnb is often much more affordable than a hotel located in the same area. It’s especially a good choice when visiting an expensive city – accommodation costs are a huge chunk out of a traveller’s budget, so if you’re able to cut down on this while still staying centrally, it’s a win-win!

If you love to cook or don’t want to go out for every single meal, the convenience of having access to a kitchen is invaluable. You can even get take out from the local street vendor, or get pizza delivered if you feel like a quiet night in. If you’re on a budget this is another money-saver – you can even make yourself a packed lunch for the day! The host will often provide tea, coffee, a light breakfast or even a nice bottle of champagne to welcome you to the city!

Whilst you can stay in an Airbnb in the centre of town, often for a fraction of the price of a hotel, the obscure locations and style of some Airbnbs is what makes them so fun. Treehouse in Nicaragua? Sure! Bus in Sweden? Why not! Ski lift in the snowy French mountains? We’d love to!

Airbnb has the option of renting a private room or an entire home. We’ve tried both, and one of our favourite reasons for choosing just a private room is the opportunity to meet the owner of the property – a local who is often more than happy to show you around, suggest their favourite place to eat, the perfect day trip, or even cook you breakfast!

You may not get your sheets changed daily, but choosing Airbnb will give you a much more authentic experience of your destination of choice. You no longer feel like you’re caught up in a tourist bubble. You can choose to stay in a local neighbourhood, shop at close-by supermarkets and you’ll meet the locals and stumble across little areas that you never would have discovered if you had chosen a hotel in the heart of the city. This is perfect for longer stays, especially if you’re working on the road like we do!

We’ve used Airbnb in North America, Asia and Europe and there’s no doubt we’ll be adding more and more to that list as our travels continue!

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