My Mum was arriving from Australia, my brother from the U.K., I hadn’t seen them in eight months and they’d never visited Canada so it was pretty much essential that we made them up a welcome kit. An umbrella hat, Canadian flag, treat from ‘cupcakes’ and disposable camera were on the list. We were soon to be taking off on a 7-day cruise through Alaska and thought it would be fun if we all got a disposable camera to shoot our holiday with.

We’d got the idea from The Indisposable Concept. The project is all about eliminating the technicalities of photography and just focusing on capturing the world around you with ‘1 roll of film, 1 week, 24 moments’. They have just a few rules – shoot one selfie, take all photographs yourself, and shoot it within a week (I stretched this a little so I could capture our whole three week holiday).

Unlike Gavin, I very rarely shoot film, so it was really unusual for me to be shooting and not have an instant digital result! It was back to basics with no light meter and no manual controls – I had to focus on my composition and making the decision whether I should be firing that little flash. It’s amazing how precious it seems to only have 27 chances to freeze three weeks (or one week) in time, it made me think about each and every photography, and whether it was worthy of a frame on my roll of film.

With a disposable camera costing around $10AUD and the developing being covered by The Indisposable Concept when you post it to them in Queensland, it’s a cheap, fun and challenging exercise for all ages and abilities. I can’t recommend it enough!

Here are my results from a Fujifilm Smile & Snap disposable loaded with Superia X-TRA 400 film. One of my shots didn’t come out but there rest are here, from Seattle to Anchorage to Whittier to Skagway to Juneau to Ketchikan and finally, to NYC. My three weeks in 26 completely raw and untouched disposable camera photos.

Visit The Indisposable Concept to participate.