The Faroe Islands were full of surprises…

1 –
A shed for drying meat, known as hjallur is a standard feature in many Faroese homes. We tried this dried meat – it’s not for the faint hearted!

2 – There are 20,000 more sheep than people that inhabit the islands!faroe islands facts3 – Bubu is the national children’s clown and they LOVE him. Check out some of his songs on YouTube – we have to admit, they’re pretty catchy!

4 – There is an abundance of dimly lit one-lane – but not one-way – tunnels in the Faroe Islands and they are TERRIFYING!faroe islands facts5 – The locals are allowed to choose between having a Faroese or a Danish passport – most choose a Danish as it is much more likely people have heard of Denmark than the Faroe Islands!

6 – The majority of homes are built out of wood, which is ironic considering large trees are unable to grow on the islands, so all wood needs to be imported.faroe islands facts7 – You can take a helicopter ride for as little as DKK125 (around AU$25) – it’s subsidised by the government so the locals can live on the remote islands and is just considered another form of transport in the Faroes!

8 – It’s not unusual to drive past a house that has a roof covered in grass. Houses have been built like this for thousands of years, and sheep are used to keep the grass trim!faroe islands facts9 – There’s over 80 different nationalities that make-up the population of 50,000 people living in the Faroes.

10 – The bridge that connects the islands of Streymoy and Eysturoy is the only bridge in the world that goes over the Atlantic Ocean.11 – All fruits and vegetables (other than potatoes) are imported to the Faroes – it’s not easy to find a good apple, but they make up for it with their deliciously fresh seafood!

12 – During the winter months the Faroe Islands can see as little as five hours of daylight. faroe islands facts13 – We’ve saved the best for last – the Faroese people were sick of waiting for Google Street View to record their beautiful country so they attached 360-degree cameras to the backs of sheep to map out the islands. It certainly got Google’s attention!

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