Bronica ETRS + 75mm f2.8
FILM: Kodak Portra 400
DEVELOPED & SCANNED: Hillvale, Melbourne
LOCATION: South Island, New Zealand

Introducing Cian Marangos. Cian resides in Melbourne, Australia and decided on a spontaneous road trip in New Zealand after a stressful semester at university. “I decided that I needed to get away and see something other than textbooks and average cafes, so I booked a camper van and some last minute flights to New Zealand. With minimal planning, we were off for a short road trip to explore the South Island. My girlfriend and I planned a rough route to take, but we pretty much drove around the island at freewill, stopping at whatever looked interesting, and with no set schedule we were able to take in as much or as little as we wanted. This is the best way to see such an incredible part of the country. Driving up snow capped mountains, exploring deep caves, and throwing your body off a suspension bridge, all at your own leisure. The South Island is one of the most stunning places I’ve ever witnessed, it’s seriously like driving through a bloody movie, and your neck gets sore from constantly looking up and around at all the pretty stuff. What better place to experiment and try out some medium format shooting for the first time.”

“I’m normally a music photographer, and my experience with film hasn’t been extensive. This was my first real attempt at shooting on a medium format system, and it is definitely something I enjoyed from the get go!”

Check out more of Cian’s work on his website and follow him on Instagram.kodak portra 400kodak portra 400kodak portra 400kodak portra 400kodak portra 400kodak portra 400kodak portra 400 kodak portra 400kodak portra 400kodak portra 400kodak portra 400kodak portra 400Interested in submitting to LENSES&LOCALS Film Features? Find out all about them, here.