Leica M6
FILM: Ilford XP2
SCANNED: Self-scanned with Epson V600 & Vuescan 
LOCATION: Manhattan, New York

Introducing Maarten Evers. Maarten resides in The Netherlands and began shooting film at just five years old. “I got a little red camera, which had gigantic lightleaks and produced interesting results. Later I got into digital cameras, but around three years ago I wanted to try film again. I got a little rangefinder from a friend of mine, and that camera sparked my love for film again. Now I mainly shoot with film for myself (digital only when it has to be quick and simple), and I throughly enjoy it. The excitement of seeing what you have photographed, scanning it…It makes you feel more focused on what you shoot and what you want to capture.”

“These images were shot in Manhattan, mainly on the street and while seating in a tourist bus on the top. For years, I had seen gorgeous pictures being taken in New York, and I yearned to be there myself and take pictures. Last May I went there and basically shot every day. I love to observe people and their behaviour, making connections while often not noticing it. In the evening I went on a tour bus and sat upstairs, to see and photograph the city from a different perspective. It’s refreshing to try new things, and see how things work out.”

Check out more of Maarten’s work on his website and follow him on Instagram.leica m6leica m6 leica m6leica m6 leica m6 leica m6 leica m6 leica m6 leica m6
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