CAMERA: Pentacon Six TL + Zeiss Bimetal 80mm f2.8
FILM: Fujifilm Pro 160 NS
DEVELOPED & SCANNED: Fotolabor Görner, Dresden, Germany
LOCATION: Crostau, Germany

Introducing Paul Wagner. At just 16 years old, Paul is our youngest photographer featured so far. His series of his own village in Germany captured our eye immediately. “It all began while I was walking across my village to explore some new locations. I was interested in doing a “Lost Places” series for some time now. Eventually I stumbled upon this abandoned house near the woods, so I planned a visit with my new Pentacon Six, as a first medium format project. I took the first photo about two months before the others, just because I didn´t have enough time and ideas, there wasn´t any other photo of the house. Later they began to tear away the old building, as nature slowly took grip of it. It caught my interest, so I visited the house one last time, because its story seemed to be ending. I made this series in order to remember what is now gone and to explore the beauty in a decay like this. Everything just seemed so fragile and final.”

“Since I´m fairly young, I´m not “native” to film photography and started digital four years ago with a compact cam. One year later I bought my first  DSLR. In 2014 my love for film started slowly, but without ever stopping. I found an old Exa 500 from my grandfather in our basement with quite some additional stuff to it. At first I just wanted to shoot one roll, but then I fell in love with the workflow and the more conscious way of photographing. Then I read many books on analogue techniques, before building my own B/W darkroom in my basement. For now, 35mm film is still my main medium besides digital (film photography can be very expensive for a student like I am), but I´m starting with medium format bit by bit.”.

“I see photography – especially film photography – as a way to slow things down to just one moment of frozen time and memory, furthermore as a way to express how I see the world around me.”.

Check out more of Paul’s work on his website and follow him on Instagram.
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