We lived in the beautiful city of Vancouver (Vancity) for 13 months, and over that time encountered many-a-phrase that needed explanation. Here’s our top 13 to help you along your way!

1 – LOONIE/TOONIE: The slang expression for one/two dollars.

2 – WASHROOM: Bathroom, toilet, loo, dunny…you get the idea.

3 – POUTINE: Hot chips, gravy and cheese curd. And possibly one of the best things you’ll ever eat.

4 – EH: The Canadian version of Aussie’s ‘ay?’. Add it to the end of a sentence to turn it into a question.

5 – CREAM: Make sure you ask for cream rather than milk if you’re ordering a coffee…the girl at Starbucks won’t know what you’re talking about otherwise (got Gavin every time!).

6 – DOUBLE-DOUBLE: Coffee with two creams and two sugars.

7 – TIMMIES: Referring to Tim Horton’s, a doughnut and coffee shop on every corner. Here you can buy a variety of different flavoured Timbits, more commonly referred to as doughnut holes. Highly recommended!

8 – MARINARA: Tomato based sauce – not seafood – seriously confusing!

9 – TOQUE: Probably the word that confused us the most, it’s the Canadian word for beanie. I could never quite remember how to say it properly and I was working in a clothing store so I just called everything a hat!

10 – ENTREE: Main meal…they call our version of an entree a ‘starter’.

11 – POP: Soft drink, soda, fizzy drink…makes it sound fun, doesn’t it?!

12 – FRIES: Hot chips. This is pretty standard but don’t make the mistake of asking for chips – you’ll end up with fish and potato chips, it happened to us more than once!

13 – CANUCK: A term for Canadians, much like Aussie for Australians or Kiwi for New Zealanders.

So next time you’re in Vancity surrounded by Canucks, don’t forget to wear your toque and be sure to grab some Timbits and a double-double from Timmies for just a couple of toonies. Finish your day off with an entree order of poutine and a can of pop for dinner! Sounds good eh?


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