Are you one of those people that make your travel companion take 20+ photos in every single place you visit, and you’re still not happy with the result? I’m here to change that! I have specialised in photographing everyday women in a fashion style since 2012, so know all the tricks of the trade for helping you look your absolute best!

I know we all love the higher angle so that we get rid of the double chins easily but really, it’s just so 90s. Realistically, how much of the place you’re visiting are you going to see if the camera is up so high? No-one really cares what the ground looks like in NYC. Instruct your photographer to keep the camera at eye level or even a touch lower – we’ll combat those double chins in tip #4!

Begin with making sure you’re not standing straight onto the camera. Turn to the side a little, and move your weight onto your back leg – stick that booty out and away from the camera. This will immediately slim you down, give your body some shape and provide the perfect foundation for the rest of your posing tricks.

Got pockets? Put your hands in them. Carrying a handbag? Hold onto the strap. Move your arms away from your body somehow so that we can see where your body ends and your arms begin, otherwise your waist becomes the same width as your two arms and torso combined, and no-one wants that!

This is THE BIGGEST tip I can give you. When people get in front of the camera they have what we call the ‘flight response’ which means they raise their eyebrows and pull their chin back, resulting in a rather unusual, and not so flattering facial expression. Lower those brows and pay attention to your chin. Push it out as far as you can towards the camera and then lower it a little. Voilà! No double chins here, ladies! Try it! I guarantee you’ll feel ridiculous but look fabulous. I did this on my licence photo not long after I learnt this trick and loved the photo so much I paid for my licence for five years to make sure I didn’t lose it (I’m not even joking, I still have it now.).

5 – SMILE!
Smile! You’re on holiday, what other reason do you need to be happy?! And no, I don’t mean just with your mouth, I mean with your eyes! We’ve all seen those photos of ourselves where we are smiling but we don’t like the photo for some reason – it’s because you know it’s not a natural smile and there’s no expression other than that big cheesy plastered on your face. Show us how much fun you’re having through that twinkle in your eyes!

Yes, you’re going to feel awkward, uncomfortable and very strange, but you’re going to look FANTASTIC! Rules are made to be broken so once you’ve got these basics mastered you can experiment a little, but I guarantee if you follow all of these closely you’ll no longer be that annoying friend that’s always saying ‘oh just one more!’ or ‘PLEASE don’t tag me in that on Facebook!’.


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