We booked a bus ticket to visit Kampot on a whim, we had no idea what it had to offer, what we would do there, or how long we would stay. We fell in love with this beautiful little town for so many reasons.

Nowhere did we meet more friendly and smiley Khmer people than in Kampot. The children love to wave and say hello, and the locals are constantly beaming. It’s a happy place, and pretty infectious!visit kampot2 – DINING
If you’re missing home comfort food, this is the place to be. There’s an Irish pub, French restaurant, Portuguese cuisine and more, and they’re all owned by the real deal (although we didn’t spot an Aussie eatery!). We didn’t have a meal that wasn’t ridiculously delicious. Of course, all the Khmer dishes are incredible, too.visit kampot3 – TOURS WITH MR KHEY
Possibly the friendliest and most knowledgable man in all of Cambodia, and with English almost better than mine, Mr Khey’s tours can’t be missed. From the salt fields to fishing villages, skip the typical arranged group mini-van tours and jump in a tuk tuk or hire a mountain bike with Mr Khey. He’ll tell you everything you want to know and more, and keep you off the beaten track.visit kampot4 – MEET EXPATS FROM AROUND THE GLOBE
Kampot has become a favourite for expats (but certainly hasn’t become too touristy!), so you’ll be able to have a banter with anyone from anywhere. It’s great to hear the stories about how everyone ended up in this sleepy little town.visit kampot5 – $5 SUNSET CRUISES
Need I say more?! Cruise down the river atop the boat, grab a very reasonably priced cocktail and dinner and watch the sun go down behind Bokor mountain. It even stops so you can have a quick dip in the river to cool off.visit kampot6 – RELAXED LIFESTYLE
Nothing moves too quickly in Kampot and that’s just how they like it. It’s the perfect place to escape from bustling Phnom Penh and chill out for a few days (or a week…or a month).visit kampot 7 – THE COUNTRYSIDE
Mountains, rivers, rice fields, beaches, villages and more! The countryside is mind-blowing and such a beautiful place to explore. Hike to a waterfall, bike through the rice fields, or float down the river. There’s an endless supply of nature to discover!visit kampot

Our spontaneous visit to Kampot was made even more enjoyable by our choice of accommodation at Blue Buddha Hotel. Book your stay here.


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