Western Australia is often forgotten when it comes to visiting our beautiful country. Everyone’s heard of Sydney and Melbourne but when Perth comes up in conversation, it often attracts a confused and blank look. Gavin and I both grew up in country Western Australia and we’re here to tell you why you shouldn’t be leaving it off your destination list!visit western australiaTo begin, a few facts. Western Australia sits on, you guessed it, the west side of the island, and is Australia’s largest state, consuming the entire left third of the country. It has a population of approximately 2.6 million and has a total land area of over 2.5 million square kilometres. If this doesn’t mean much to you, we are the second largest state in the world and are equivalent in size to half of Europe. Our capital city, Perth, was once donned ‘the most isolated city in the world’ which in actual fact is technically incorrect, however it does have a feeling of remoteness and a somewhat separation from the rest of Australia. This is only more reason to visit though – W.A. is so unique from head to toe that it simply can’t be missed.

W.A. can be visited at any time of year due to its amazing range of weather conditions from the north to south. From the soaring temperatures in the outback to the Mediterranean climate of the beautiful south west, you can feel as if you’re in two different countries within the space of an hours flight. Summer attracts temperatures anywhere from 24 degrees celsius in the south to exceeding 45 degrees inland. Perth sees an average winters day at 12 degrees celsius, while up north may be enjoying 30 degrees. Perth is officially the sunniest capital city in Australia, enjoying more than 320 days of sunshine on average a year, not to mention the incredible sunsets we are spoilt with on a regular basis.visit western australiaBEACHES
We believe we have the most beautiful beaches in the world and if you come to visit, you’ll see why. Never-ending sparkling blue waters, soft, white sand and some of the best surfing conditions around, our 12,500 kilometres of coastline will lure you in no matter what time of the year. Whether you’re snorkelling in the crystal clear water or simply soaking up the Aussie sun, from Broome to Cottesloe to Albany (see below!), our beaches have to be one of our greatest attractions.visit western australia visit western australiaLIFESTYLE
Perth can sometimes feel more like a large town rather than a city, which I guess is why we generally have a very laid-back and relaxed lifestyle. Enjoying beautiful weather year round, our culture is based around the outdoors – sun, sport, beaches and barbeques. Perth is constantly growing and every time you go out you’ll find that new funky bars and cafes have popped up, shopping options are expanding, and the arts are becoming more and more prominent.visit western australiaDESTINATIONS
Whether you’re visiting the red dirt of the Kimberley, the sparkling lights of the city or the wineries of Margaret River, there’s something for everyone year-round. You can see gorges and waterfalls one day and sand dunes the next. Western Australia is a combination of beaches, deserts, rainforests and city all rolled into one stunning state. Don’t forget The Pinnacles located in Nambung National Park not far from Cervantes. This unusual limestone formations are certainly unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere!visit western australiavisit western australiaFOOD & WINE
Perth is home to more restaurants per capita than any other capital city in the country so you’re sure to find something to satisfy your tastebuds. From Asian cuisine to fresh seafood in Fremantle, W.A. has anything and everything you may be craving. With nine beautiful wine regions throughout the state including the world-renowned Margaret River, W.A. has the plenty of local wine options to compliment your meal.visit western australia10 FUN FACTS ABOUT W.A.
1 – It’s faster to fly from Perth to Bali than it is to fly to Sydney (which is part of the reason why we’re often ignored!).
2 – It took us a long time to agree to Sunday trading and our shopping options have only started expanding in the past few years (hello Zara and H&M!). It’s all part of our charm.
3 – In Dampier you’ll find the greatest concentration of Aboriginal art in the world.
4 – Perth is home to ‘WAAPA’ the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (part of Edith Cowan University, where I studied!) which has produced many stars – Heath Ledger, Hugh Jackman and Lisa McCune to name a few.
5 – We have the oldest operating mint in Australia. Located on Hay Street in the city, their daily tours are definitely worth checking out.
6 – The mining industry is massive in W.A. so if you hear someone talking about working ‘FIFO’ they’re acting like a classic Aussie and abbreviating everything – FIFO stands for ‘fly-in fly-out’ which means they work up north.
7 – Broome is the world’s largest pearl producer.
8 – At 1.8 kilometres, Busselton is home to the longest wooden jetty in the southern hemisphere.
9 Perth was dubbed the ‘City of Lights’ by astronauts in 1962 because it stood out so much from up in space!
10 – We tried daylight savings out for three years but it was all too much for the people of W.A. (I personally loved it!). This means we’re often three hours behind the eastern states.

We know we’re expensive to get to. We know we’re expensive to travel within. But we also know that we’re worth it and you won’t regret it. Plus, if you visit when we’re not exploring some other beautiful land we’d love to show you around!

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