Vancouver is packed full of incredible food and we were lucky enough to live at the corner of two of the best eating streets in the city! With eating out often being the same price, if not cheaper than cooking, we definitely ended up trying our fair share of the amazing eateries that made up the West End!

1 – GINGER GARLIC – Indian
Our next door neighbours, this place would entice us in on a regular basis with the aromas of their Indian dishes. We often popped down for their ‘Dinner for Two’ special. At $22 you get two veggie samosas, butter chicken, rice and naan (we recommend upgrading to garlic naan for just $1!). We loved this deal so much we never actually ordered anything else, but there’s a heap of options on the menu. Ginger Garlic holds a special place in our heart because we ate here on the night we secured our apartment to celebrate!

2 – YUMMY TO GO – Japanese
Situated right at the bottom of Davie Street, near Denman (and opposite our apartment building!) this place is the hidden gem of the West End. I discovered this one while Gavin was away road tripping through the Rockies while his parents were visiting, and we kicked ourselves that we hadn’t tried it sooner! The most incredibly delicious sushi (highly recommend the dynamite roll) and chicken with rice. There’s so many other things on the menu but we’re a bit guilty of getting our favourites and sticking to them. Keep in mind Vancouver has INCREDIBLE Japanese food and this is just one option, but we loved it because it was convenient and budget friendly!

3 – RED UMBRELLA – breakfast pick
Right next door to ‘Yummy to Go’ is a little cafe on the corner, the Red Umbrella. Although we weren’t really fussed on it for lunch (especially when there’s so many other delicious options around), it is a great spot for breakfast. The first time we went here Gavin decided he needed two breakfasts and had a classic breakfast followed by pancakes with strawberries since mine looked so good. He wasn’t disappointed! It’s really reasonable for price and in a perfect location to enjoy your morning before heading down for a stroll along English Bay.

4 – THE CAPITAL – pub style
We’ve included The Capital only because our real favourite ‘The Warehouse’ isn’t located in the West End, but they basically have the same menu anyway. All food is $4.95 from burgers and fries to quesadillas to spaghetti bolognaise, so how can you go wrong. We found the music a little loud in here if we wanted to have a good old chat, so this is the main reason we preferred The Warehouse – plus we discovered The Warehouse on our first day in the city so it was always an old favourite! Service is always fairly good but be wary – they’ll ask you when you order if you want to add sauce or cheese or whatever but it’s always an extra charge so they can bulk up those $4.95 orders!5 – KHUNNAI CHANG – Thai
I went here for the first time with a couple of friends because our previous Thai favourite on Denman happened to be closed. I’m so glad it was! You CANNOT leave this restaurant without trying the crispy pork with broccoli – we still miss this on a daily basis. We also highly recommend the chicken with cashews, any of the curries and veggies in oyster sauce, we never once had anything we didn’t like off this menu. They also have a great lunch special which includes soup, a spring roll, and ten different choices of a dish with rice for only $8.55 – and it’s huge!

6 – BAOGUETTE – Vietnamese
We’ve been to Vietnam and we have to say this place definitely lived up to the authentic Vietnamese food we’d experienced before! It opened up while we were living in Vancouver so is relatively new, and right on the corner of Denman and Davie so you get a beautiful view of English Bay while you enjoy your meal. Gavin tried a heap of different dishes from the seafood hot and sour noodle soup to the chicken curry and was never disappointed. I generally stuck to my favourite of #43 Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio – grilled pork and spring roll on vermicelli – which was amazing every single time – but be sure to ask for extra fish sauce, I couldn’t get enough!7 – LA BELLE PATATE – poutine
Granted it was the only place we ate poutine in Vancouver but considering that’s pretty much all they serve, we thought it should be pretty good – and it was! Poutine is a Canadian dish consisting of french fries, gravy and cheese curd. We actually didn’t try this until our last week in Vancouver (cheese curd didn’t really appeal) and I’m kinda glad we didn’t because it was delicious and we quite easily could have become addicted! We just went for the traditional, but there’s 26 different varieties to choose from! Barbecue chicken, hamburger steak or mexicana poutine anyone? Definitely a must try when visiting Canada!

8 – NERO BELGIAN WAFFLE BAR – every meal of the day
A cosy space on Robson Street, it’s often a battle to get a table at this amazing little waffle bar which is perfect for any and every meal of the day. Without a doubt the best waffles we’ve ever tasted – and we ate a lot of waffles on our way through the states! Choose your base – a brussels (light and crispy) or liege (soft and sweet) waffle, and then decide on your style of topping. We can highly recommend ‘The Fruity’ – piled high with strawberries, bananas, kiwi fruit, blueberries, anything else that’s in season and finished off with a generous serving of whipped cream, it’s a sweet-tooth’s delight! Add icecream for good measure.

Ayesha’s #1 – Yummy To Go – I could eat that dynamite sushi roll for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.
Gavin’s #1 – Baoguette Vietnamese Bistro – it transported him back to Vietnam with every single bite.


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