Whisky. It’s not exactly something we’re super familiar with or particularly interested in…or we weren’t. Until we heard from up-and-coming luxury whisky experience company, Whisky Co., jumped on a bus to Edinburgh, and entered the world of whisky. From malting to mash tuns to the angel’s share, it’s been a whirlwind to say the least.

Throughout March we visited 25 distilleries, took 11ย tours, drank more drams than we can count, and travelled Scotland from north to south, east to west, photographing the whisky culture and the beauty that is Scotland. The result? Thousands of photographs, a new bright and shiny website Whisky Co., and an unforgettable experience…whiskywhiskywhiskywhiskywhiskywhisky whiskywhiskyDSCF0258 whisky whiskywhiskywhiskywhiskywhisky whisky whisky whiskywhiskywhiskywhiskywhiskywhiskywhisky whiskyDSCF8115whiskywhiskywhiskywhiskywhisky whiskywhisky whiskywhisky DSCF9292whiskywhiskywhiskywhisky whiskywhiskyDSCF7128whisky

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