You may not be able to pronounce any of them but if you do nothing else, you must try these five dishes while in New Orleans…

Jambalaya draws from the French and Spanish influences of the Creole cuisine that embodies Louisiana. Somewhat similar to paella, it’s a hearty rice dish consisting of onion, celery, capsicum, meat (typically smoked sausage), chicken, tomatoes and stock and is packed full of flavour and spices such as paprika and cayenne pepper. It’s hard to find a bad jambalaya in the French Quarter – delicious for lunch or dinner!

2 – PO’ BOY
Possibly the best sub we’ve ever tasted. Roast beef with gravy, fried seafood with a buttery sauce or less typically cold cuts, served on a hunk of French bread with a crispy outer and soft centre. Get it ‘dressed’ with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and mayo. There is fierce competition between the po’ boy sellers so try a few out and make your own opinion – you won’t get bored of them!

A list of what to eat in New Orleans isn’t complete without seafood making an appearance. The crawfish is similar in taste to a lobster tail, and if you love seafood, you’ll love crawfish! We don’t care whether it’s fried or in a stew – just make sure you try it!

Perfect to warm you from head to toe on a chilly day, gumbo is a sort of soup or stew typically served over rice. The Creole version normally consists of chicken and smoked sausage or seafood with tomatoes and thickener. A combination of the culinary influences of the French, Spanish, African, Italian and German people, it is definitely a representation of the multi-cultural history of Louisiana and a must-try when in New Orleans!

What’s a meal without dessert?! We’ve saved the best for last. Occasionally referred to as ‘French donuts’, they are square pieces of crispy, fried dough served fresh, warm and engulfed in powdered sugar. There’s no other place to try beignets than at the world-famous Café Du Monde, located right on the edge of Jackson Square and open 24-hours a day. We recommend a late night snack to avoid waiting for a table!


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